Travel Technology Companies Extending Travellers’ Experience

Travel technology companies are developing since the technology and internet users are increased. Moreover, the internet has also made this industry very competitive in the market. There are a plenty of people available in the market to manage their travel business. Therefore, every player in the market wants to enhance their online visibility and traffic. So, if you are also looking forward to intensifying your online travel & tours business or want to create a strong presence in the travel technology companies then hire professional travel portal development company that enables to produce better business ROI.


Travel Web Portal Development Features:

  • Travel Portal Administrator interface to define and manage travel software related activities such as Agent Management, User Management, Affiliate Management, Booking Management, Commission management, Newsletter Management and many other services.
  • Travelers Interfaces were developed to facilitate them register & login to access features based on the user type, can view latest tour packages, air schedules, availability of rooms and cars of rental for a specific day, make reservation/booking online, view & update profile information etc.
  • Travel Corporation/Agents Interfaces were developed to agent registration & login, view & update profile information, view commission, password retrieval facility, facility to create custom packages, cancel reservation request,  can view and generate a print invoice.

Benefits for Travel Portal Software Development:

  • No or minimal investment in training of the users of an application since the entire application is browser based.
  • Reduced order processing costs.
  • Lower cost of interacting with customers.
  • Effective utilization of the products and services can be done by using user statistics reports.
  • Easy and faster reservation/booking of hotels/flights/properties//tour packages/car rental for customers.
  • The best place to have entire reservation activities and entire reservations can be done with the single login.
  • An easy way for cancellation of the earlier reservations made.
  • Expand business online and achieve a greater exposure resulting in increased revenue.
  • Real-time data access and maintenance.

Technology is opening new dimensions of possibilities and Travel Technology Companies like 9series is exploring those possibilities by implementing technology in real life.