Implement Routing using Nodejs

Nodejs developers, we hope that you have gone through our last blog about Node.js and their kinds of purposes.

Node js developers

Today we will share something essential about routing in node js. Node is a cross-platform technology. Routing is core heart of any web programming language. In older days we were performing routing by lazy techniques by passing parameters using “?“ and simple post. But now as technology has grown up, routing becomes smarter.

In node, we can perform routing by many ways. But today we are going to lead on express only. You can also achieve routing by URL or other packages.

Now, give us a chance to give you a brief introduction about how node is getting worked by creating a simple host (a node server and request to the node for HTTP) as this is the basic part of doing routing.

For this, we require having npm installed on our machine.

What is Require?

Require is something that includes in language c and requires in PHP. Node is nothing but a collection of different packages which are created by javascript folks and usage in best open source PHP developers framework. For package installation, we are using npm.

Achieve Routing Using Express

1) Setup Server using Node

2) Install Express Package

3) Create Routing and use Express

1. Setup Server

nodejs code1

nodejs code2

2. Install Express Package

a. $ npm install express

3. Use of Express in Routing

I have set simple “Hello”

nodejs code3

This was an example of GET, you can also use POST, DELETE, PUT

nodejs code4

First, we have to create a server where we have set port and make a listener for HTTP on that port. Now in the browser when you hit http://localhost:8081 we will require a package express and create app instance, that app instance will handle our application request and our code will work like micro framework like slim and lumen.

At 9series, We are working with node.js for routing in node using modules like URL, express and path. We are providing the solution with front-end and back-end solution using laravel, node, vue and angular, etc.