Google I/O 2015: Part IV – New Product Announcement


Formerly in Google I/O 2015 Part-I, Part-II and Part-III– It explained about Android M, Enhancement in Existing Products and Developer Tools. Google came up with many New Products such as HBO NOW, Internet of Things- Project Brillo, Family Friendly Feature and Jump Camera.

HBO Now in Android

HBO Now- coming to Google. HBO Now made large waves when it came to iTunes App Store. An app will be available soon on the Play Store which will allow user to access all the same content on Android device that HBO Now gives on other platforms. HBO Now, the only service for watching everything from Game of Thrones to True Detective, is now getting to Android. There is no confirmed release date but marks the end of Apple’s exclusive access.

Internet of Things and Project Brillo

Google revealed an operating system for Internet of Things- Brillo. It is called “Brillo” because it is a “polished down” but a completely functional version of the Android operating system. Brillo is derived from Android- running on the same core of drivers and code, but simplified so that it can be used on everything from locks to kitchen devices. Lightweight enough to run on everything from user Nest to smart doorknob, It is designed to allow everything in user home to talk to everything else. If Brillo is the OS for the device, then Weave communication protocol will facilitate those device to talk to each other using common schemas. It will connect phones to device and those device to the cloud.

Brillo is designed to run on connected device that have small processors and low memory. The OS stores and manages data collected by sensors in the device. The most ambitious of all Google announcements, these platforms are brand new. Brillo will become available to developers in Q3 whereas the Weave protocol will be ready by Q4. The main aim is to standardize devices on IoT, across different platforms and let developers build apps on top.

Jump Camera

Google partnered with GoPro, an effort to make it easier for people to film the VR-compatible video to build a circular 16-camera rig. The geometry of the rig called Jump- will be made available this summer. Cardboard is the low-rent virtual reality, Jump is the big budget version. There are two part of Jump- the camera and the Assembler. Once user record in these camera, Google’s assembler will figure out depth data from different images and stitch them together into a stereoscopic VR video. GoPro announced it will be the first company to build a Jump-compatible rig—basically a 16-camera wheel that captures 360 degrees of imagery.Google hopes Jump will become the standard for capturing, assembling, and viewing immersive virtual environments. Google said an assembler takes “thousands of computers” and will be available this summer to a “select few” people. There aim is to increase variety and type of images and videos available to view through VR systems.

New Family-Friendly Feature:

Google Play announced the launch of a family-friendly features which will help parents to find appropriate apps as well as content. This new area of the Play Store will highlight application and games specifically with a young audience in mind. Now kids and their parents can navigate by property or character. Rather than sifting through the store for content based on Star Wars or Dora the Explorer, a single tap of an icon will take user to a whole area of the store dedicated to kid-friendly content based on the property or character.

Under this, first new feature is Family tab,now included on the homepage of the Apps, Games, and Movies & TV section that allows parents to browse through content suitable for children with just a tap. Following the Family Star will easily find age-appropriate content. Just tapping the Family Star button, parents can view content that is organized by ages, so they can easily find a learning app for their toddler or a summer reading eBook for their teen. Parental Controls makes family-friendly content easier, but none of that matters if kids can still access the kinds of things that are off-limits for them. Updated parental controls will now allow parents to restrict downloads, purchases or streaming of future content.

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